Silk Cushions & Scarves!
Silk Detail
Very Happy Ladies!
Close up lovely details
Really Proud Ladies
Floral Details
Fabulous Day!
Mum's Birthday Present!
Birthday Workshop, Great Idea!
Flower Detail
Glorious Details on Silk!
Delicate Details!
Gorgeous Colours!
Wonderful Workshop!
Vivid Detail!
Autumnal Designs!
Super Class!
Gorgeous Scarves!
Just Beautiful!
Wonderful December Workshop!
Delicate Details!
Great Fun Workshop!
Repeat Designs!
Lush Silk Lanterns!
Silk Painting Designs!
Happy Creative Ladies!
April Workshop...

Happy ladies and their wonderful scarves

Design with Gutta in progress...

Colourful Gutta designs

beautifully delicate

Applying the colours

Standing up to fill the design

great design

Very proud ladies...Lovely!

Deep concentration


Super September Workshop

Delicate designs

Amazing Details

September Ladies

Beautiful Vintage colours

Happy Ladies

Awesome October Workshop.. a great day!

Lovely repeat patterns

Delicate Shibori... Lovely!

The class at work...

Wonderful delicate Shibori

Gorgeous Colours

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